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BitcoinTaxes API

Integrate BitcoinTaxes into wallets or exchanges

BitcoinTaxes provides a REST API for wallet providers and exchanges to integrate BitcoinTaxes on behalf of their users.

The API provides the ability to view and modify transactions for each tax year so that they are included when calculating tax liabilities. A wallet or exchange will typically add a call on each successful transaction, such as a Bitcoin BUY or SELL, or buying something using a wallet.


All API requests should use the application/json content type when appropriate.


Each call to the API must include the user’s API Key for authorization. API keys are created from within your account. The authorization can be passed within the request header, as basic Authorization or in the query string.


All API calls must include the UserAgent header that can identify the calling application.

If passing authorization details within the header, the authorization headers should be included as follows:

X-APIKEY: <,the user’s API Key>,

X-APISECRET: <,the user’s API Secret Key>,

Basic Authorization

Alternatively, the api key can be passed within the standard Basic Authorization header in the format:

Authorization: Basic <,API Key>, + “:” + <,API Secret key>,)

Query String

The authorization information can also be passed as part of the query string.

API Reference

Transaction Types

Each transaction can be one of a number of types, as returned in the action field.

  • SELL – Selling crypto-currency to fiat or BTC
  • BUY – Buy crypto-currency for fiat or BTC
  • INCOME – General income
  • GIFTIN – Income received as a gift or tip
  • MINING – Income received from mining
  • SPEND – General spending of crypto-currencies
  • GIFT – Spending as a gift or tip
  • DONATION – Spending to a registered charity

List Transactions

Get a list of the user’s current transactions for the current or specified tax year. Transactions are returned in date descending order, i.e. most recent first.


Get user’s transactions

Add Transaction

Add a new transaction for the current user.


Add a BUY transaction

Add spending of $65 (0.30240194 BTC). We can either ask the user for the USD value or leave it out, where the daily price would be used. Sender address is added into the user’s address list.

Add multiple transactions


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