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jbinto commented Feb 8, 2014

It’s interesting that the length of the keys varies wildly, from 16 to 52 (presumably base64) characters.

EnsarN commented Mar 23, 2014

Can I still recover it when I’ve lost my phone, and simply install the Google Authenticator on any other andriod and play with the “” in the root to generate/recover a key for my account.

lthown commented Aug 6, 2014

if you lost your phone and happen to have a titanium backup of your data you might be able to recover it. Otherwise: no.

I needed this to go from Google Authenticator to Authy. I wasn’t able to do adb root, it said something about can’t be done in a production environment. But I was able to use the info to grab the “databases” file using Root Explorer and then pop it over onto a linux box to run the sqllite3 command.

lee1418 commented Jan 10, 2015

Ok I need help! I have my phone rooted but i don’t understand what to do above. I have a samsung s5, I hard reset my phone but my google account restored all my applications including google authenticator but it didn’t keep all my keys from the websites. I really need help! Someone explain specifically how to obtain this on a phone that was recently formatted but it still has root.

unlocomqx commented Feb 3, 2015

Thank you very much!!

I have a rooted m8 and successfully restored my Neteller key (I was locked out for few hours after installing new rom)

I extracted my TWRP backup on my PC (change the extension to .tar/ open with winrar or so)

Copied the file data.ext4.win000.tar\data\data\\databases\databases

\data\data\\databases\ on my Android using “ES File Explorer”

(Maybe you’ll need to check “Root Explorer” in settings to access “data/data/”

OBViously, this will overwrite any previous codes (I had none anyway)

thouis commented Jul 30, 2015

If you have python and the ‘qrcode’ module installed, you can use this to generate QR codes from the sqlite database:

Be sure to treat the qrcode images as secret (remove them when you’re done!).

haridsv commented Oct 18, 2016

Mic92 commented Nov 16, 2016 •, edited

to make the python script above working with google authenticator from fdroid issue must be removed

ELChris414 commented Jun 21, 2017

I don’t have root and my phone has a locked bootloader. What can I do? There is another app that you can use to extract saves without root. Will that work?

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